Furniture design software
Furniture design software

This furniture design software is a great choice for someone who wants to be able to draw realistic graphic designs of furniture. This is great for finding out how the finished work will look for your home. You can also use these designs to promote your work and sell it. This software works with the AutoCad system and it is very simple to install and use.

In addition, the software can be viewed in 2D or 3D. The 3D option allows the project to be rotated. This software can help you get a realistic estimate of the cost for both materials and labor involved in any furniture design project. This furniture design software allows you to select from 4500 different types of building materials so you can build virtually anything with the materials you want on it.

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Advantages and opportunities of the program:

  • Supports all 2D and 3D views
  • 3D rotation of the  project or its parts in perspective
  • Creation of new units (furniture) and their saving  in system of the program, module New Base
  • Calculation of the materials necessary for manufacture. Price offer generating, module Calc Base    
  • Cutting of materials, module Cut Base  
  • The automated operations and modules for fast and accuracy at manufacturing the projects
  • Own base is with more than 800 AutoCAD blocks.
  • Render of the interior projects in photo realistic modes on 24 bit or 32 bit  (Photo Real)  

The automatic price offer formation on the basis of the  drawing in real mode of operations using the direct communications with Microsoft Excel Formation of the prices is made on the basis of the fixed prices of units entered and changed by the operator.

      In  the package of the program are included more than 5000 material textures  (tree, marble, granite,  floor and wall tiles, wall-papers), necessary for rendering  units (furniture) in the drawing.

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Design Sintez is a program for design of interior decisions and furniture.

          1.Kitchen furniture

           2. Children and bedroom furniture, furniture for living room.

           3. bathroom furniture

           4. Office furniture

          5. Furniture for bars and public buildings.

The main body of the program projects the following kinds of furniture:

  1. Kitchen furniture - kitchen cases; stands , worktops.
  2. Bedroom furniture - wardrobe , bed side tables, chiffoniers.
  3. Office furniture - stands, sections, cases
  4. Living room furniture - sections, TV tables, bookshelves
  5. With additional module of the program New Base you can create non-standard models of furniture for your interior decisions:
    • Bedroom furniture - badsteads, chiffoniers
    • Oficce furniture - bureaus (desks)
    • Living room furniture - tables, sofas, lamps.
    • Bathroom furniture
    • Elements (furniture) for inserting of an interior.
    • Furniture and interior of bars and public institutions

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